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View.Point (lito.ru) is:

  1. a daily literary content feed (18+) in Russian;
  2. a community of professional writers with over twenty years of history.

As of today, the project team is composed of volunteers living in many parts of the world and united by Russian cultural affiliation. The goal of our project is collection and structuring relevant author’s expressions of history-to-come.

We see Russian literary tradition as an integral part of world literature development and associate modern-day Russophone writers with the authors of other cultures. We support different styles, including song lyrics, and meanwhile do require high enough quality of form and substance, therefore preserving democracy of author’s expression while still maintaining a reasonable non-mainstream focus.


View.Point literary association was founded by Moscow-based poet and musician Alexey Karakovski on October 10, 2000. The original 17 members were rock musicians, poets and novelists, who had experience as fanzine authors in 1990s. In September of 2001, the association has been reformatted into a web journal. In 2003 and 2005, View.Point published its own periodics, which was an initially declared goal.

In June of 2003, View.Point internet magazine got its relevant domain name lito.ru. It has been headed by Sergei Alkhutov since 2005, when Alexey Karakovski started working at Writers’ Union of Moscow. By this time, the publication approached its popularity peak. View.Point hosted literary contests, organized readings and concerts at Moscow House of Writers, various museums, book stores and clubs, and Koloniya cafe (Russian: Колония «The Colony»), owned by a writer Maria Polyanskaya. Active members of the community at the time were novelists Alexey Petrov, Stanislav Furta and Anna Bolkiseva, poets Artyom Shepel, Vyacheslav Pamurzin, Georgy Bartosh, Elena Barinova, Kirill Kovalji, art critic Elena Safronova, et al.


Igor Beliy (Russian: Игорь Белый), born on April 13, 1971, in Moscow, is a Russian poet, songwriter, actor, producer and publisher. He acted as a co-founder of August 32 creative association, Boo Fest literature fair and Hyperion book store and community center, which he leads presently. He also staged several children’s musical performances. Since 2005, a member of Oyfn Veg duo with Evgenia Slavina, having released three music albums. In 2016, he founded a band Zvukoukladochnaya Artel (Russian: Звукоукладочная Артель “Sound Construction Brigade”). He plays live shows in Russia and abroad, in Germany, USA, Great Britain and Israel as well.

Yana Kane (Russian: Яна Кане) was born in St. Petersburg (then: Leningrad) in the Soviet Union. She came to the United States as a refugee at the age of 16. Most of her literary publications are in Russian (in magazines, anthologies and two books). Her poetry and poetry translations appeared in Chronogram, Ritualwell, Moving Words, Trouvaille Review and The Red Wheelbarrow.

Al Karakovski (Russian: Алексей Караковский / Alexey Karakovski), born on October 19, 1978, in Moscow, is a Russian poet, novelist and musician, known as a founder, songwriter and guitarist of The Happening, and a co-founder, co-songwriter and sideman in various rock bands (The Vagrant Hormones, Sunny & The Stickmen, Curacao, The False Testimonies). Founder of View.Point online literary journal (Lito.Ru).

Vita Shtivelman (Russian: Вита Штивельман), is a Russian Jewish poet, essayist, hi-tech professional, author of books, publications, soundtracks for movies and the host of a popular radio show. Vita is founder and manager of Et Cetera (arts and science club). She has received awards for achievements in Jewish culture from the Israeli Knesset and the City of Toronto.

Tatiana Voltskaya (Russian: Татьяна Вольтская) is a Russian poet and a freelance correspondent for Radio Liberty in St. Petersburg. She has been published regularly since the 1990s; her work has appeared in numerous Russian literary magazines, and she has authored eleven collections of poetry. Her work has been translated into Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, English, and Lithuanian. Tatiana was a laureate of the Pushkin scholarship (Germany, 1999). She has also won the Zvezda magazine award (2003), the Interpoetry magazine award (2016), the Voloshin competition (2018), and the All-Russian poetry competition ‘The Lost Tram’ (2019). In 2020, she was one of the winners of a competition announced by the composer Ilya Demutsky. Tatiana has been awarded the Pyotr Weil Free Russian Journalism Scholarship for 2022.